YIPPPEEE!!! We have our appointment!

Our appointment is scheduled for January 29th!. Victoria called us last night and told us the good news. Alex (our facilitator) called her at 2:30am his time so that we could get the news as soon as possible. Thank you, very much, Victoria and Alex!!! We are thrilled to finally make plans to leave and can now breathe a sigh of relief that we won't miss Christmas with our children. We are looking into flights and trying to figure out what we still need to do.

I would like to take a small photo album to give to the officials at the SDA of successful additions to families. Anyone who would like to add their pictures please email me at siochane@comcast.net.

I had hoped that having an actual date would relieve the stress (it did, briefly) and then I thought of at least a hundred things that I need to do before we leave.

For now, however, I am dancing a happy dance and dreaming of a houseful of laughing, shreiking, running children.

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