Another raffle - not ours but a good one...

See this little cutie?
His name will be Ean Jones and he is waiting for his Mama and Daddy to come get him.
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October 31, 2008 - Happy Halloween!

I actually got a few pictures of my girls in their costumes. They didn't last very long trick or treating. Lera tires really easily. She has a very inefficient (although adorable) way of walking and running. She looks kind of like she is speedwalking when she is running. I suppose that is the "neuropathway issue" that she has. Caelia could keep going for miles but she was happy to be spending time with Grandpa watching Over the Hedge.

Lera really liked handing out candy and glow necklaces. She was very talkative and animated. I seriously doubt that any of the kids understood that she was chastising them but I have heard her give Caeli a talking to.

This was our house this year. The slow shutter speed makes it look like we have an angel coming to visit us or a ghost...
I have decided that after we are done with the adoption we really need a faster camera that also works for night shots. Caeli and Lera both change expression so quickly that it takes a fast camera or luck or both to catch them smiling. That should give you an idea on how many pictures we take - I love digital!