January 11th, 2009 - Long time no blog....

Sorry we haven't blogged in so long, it's been a busy month! We are hoping things get going on the adoption front, we ended up having to switch agencies again and some of the requirements of this new agency say we may have to pull all pictures and mention of Miss M. In the mean time we will recap our first Christmas with our Ukrainian princess, we don't really know if she celebrated it before, but she did take to it like a fish to water. The girls(and boy) had a magical holiday, putting up the tree(which we waited pretty much until the weekend before X-mas to do) was fun and the whole family got into it.

Daddy got new lightsabers for X-mas which the girls enjoy...the force is strong with these two!

Sheila's brother Brandon and his girlfriend Britney brought their new little cutie...Chase Patrick Hurley, he is a sweetie and the girls loved the real baby, Caelia very gently gave him kisses whenever she could.

Here in Minnesota this week, we are expecting a couple days with a daytime high of zero...yes that is zero degrees, we've been bundling the girls up as best we can aren't they cute??

The girls favorite gifts were the V-tech digital cameras, these things are pretty close to indestructable and they love them, each camera has a couple hundred photos on them. We'll be posting some of their handiwork in the near future.

Hopefully we'll have some travel news this week and can begin to book our flights, if all goes well we could have our new one home around April! Stay tuned.....