A busy time of year

Masha has completed her first year of school! Actually, she had her graduation party in June, she has not graduated from preschool yet (she still has one more year) but she shined and was so proud! Unfortunately she was so excited we had a hard time keeping her in focus!

We also discovered that she is quite the star in the making. Caelia and Lera had their spring concert. Randy, Masha and I went to watch them. Lera really enjoys this but Caelia gets really shy standing up on stage. Her helper at school suggested that maybe Caelia would like to take Masha with her up on stage. Caelia liked this and anything Caelia wants is good with Masha. She made herself quite at home with the rest of the 2nd grade class and was charming to all. She even danced (though she hadn't practiced). Since that day, anytime Masha has visited or I have visited without her, all of the children ask where she is or come running up to say hi! The big girls are equally proud to show off their little sister. I wish I could get the video to load. Perhaps another time. Masha did not go to the Science Museum with the big girls. Randy got to go as a chaperone with them to school. They had lots of fun!