Randy was very surprised by the work and by the fact that we kept it a surprise. Even Michael managed to keep the secret. Maybe we can finish the basement before we travel. No word from the SDA yet, however.

Tonight is Halloween! The house is ready and Michael and Caelia are dressed for the occasion. I couldn't get a decent picture of them both smiling but they still looked awfully cute.

This is the house tonight. It is intimidating to some but we get about 300 kids every year. Some of the kids are bigger than me. I like watching them pluck up the courage to come up on our porch. Sometimes I have to walk down the stairs to give the little ones their treat - most of them quit looking scared when they see the glow necklace and a (reasonably) normal looking person.


Christina said...

Wow! You are off to a great start blogging! Keep up the great work!Your Halloween decorations are VERY impressive!

From RR Yahoo group

Wendy said...

I think next year I am going to get you to come and decorate my house!