It is hot. Really hot this year but we have had a few beautiful days outside with the girls. We like to go to Como Park (across from the zoo) to play. It is a bit more challenging to keep all of my little ducks together but it is such a joy to watch them enjoying the freedom of running about and exploring everything new. Masha is really enjoying all the new experiences. She follows Caelia devotedly and anything Caelia finds funny, Masha thinks it is hysterical! She also Mama's little shadow. She follows me saying, "ma, ma, MA!" Lera is also a mama's girl, she has become my other shadow. Every trip to the park invariably ends up with a visit to the fountain - and a change of clothes for all involved. The girls LOVE splashing and playing with water! Every afternoon we try to spend time on the girls' swings. They would swing all day if we let them. We are going to be adding another swing for Masha. Right now, they take turns but they are not always happy about this. And when it's just too hot to swing, there is always dancing!