September 2, 2008 - Guess who's 6?!

Our beautiful Valeria is 6 years old today! She got to celebrate with new classmates, friends and a family that loves her. Instead of being a day to fear and dread, her birthday found her standing in front of her first birthday cake, grinning from ear to ear while everyone sang "Happy Birthday". And yes, in the end she ended up with 3 birthday cakes, just like her sister Caelia.
You are probably reading this well after her birthday. I am terribly sorry but my girls love the camera and anytime mama is forgetful and leaves it within reach, they try their own pictures. I am certain they are wonderful photos - except that Caelia insists on pointing the camera at her own face (afterall - that is the part she sees most frequently) and all I get is a lovely pink blur. After they are finished with their photo session, they hide the camera and I spend days hunting it down. I found it!