BRRR! - November 29, 2007

It is freezing here! But at least its sunny and at least I can think of this as preparation for traveling to Eastern Europe. I am thinking about those lovely ladies who are also waiting to travel. They are in Oklahoma, Florida... I wonder if they will turn blue when they step off the plane? The shock to their systems could be brutal! I'm thinking it may seem like spring by the orphanage to us. I've been told they don't really get snow there. I will try to write more later, I've got to give up the computer to Michael (he's using the K12 curriculum and going to Virtual School).

Oh and for anyone who is thinking it looks miserably cold where they are: Keep this in mind. (And no, this is not Minnesota, its Switzerland, but I keep it in mind when I think its cold here)


Charissa said...

That picture looks absolutely excruciating. If you have any keeping-warm tips, please share them. I am just dreading...dreading the cold!

Randy and Sheila said...

Lots of Layers! On top think turtleneck, shirt, sweater, coat, mittens, scarf and hat (not ear muffs, hats keep your body heat in) and on the bottom: long underwear (or pantyhose), pants (not jeans), cotton socks and warm boots! We're not slow here, we just can't move!