December 1, 2007

I was going to write about our weather, but that can wait until tomorrow when I have assessed the damage from our first "significant snow storm of the season".

I have great news! Lera and Lena are both still at the baby house, thanks to their excellent caregivers, and our Olena is WALKING!!!! She is now able to play with the other children. We are elated to hear this news. (In addition to down syndrome, Olena also has a heart condition has not been mobile until now.) I think that if this is not a sign that her health is better than we feared, I do believe that it is a sign that she is a very determined little girl.


Shelley said...

What wonderful news, Shelia!

Huff's Adoption Journey said...

So, now along with packing and getting ready, you get to baby proof your house too!lol I am so excited for you to go get your girls. Way to go Olena!!!

Randy and Sheila said...

If its not babyproofed by now, it will never be. Caelia is our little tornado of destruction!