November 9, 2007

Not much new on the adoption front for us personally, but wonderful news from the Ukraine in general. The 1st adoption ever took place at the special needs orphanage in Torez! This is wonderful news. Here is the blog address for those of you who would like to read more about this monumental event.

We are still waiting for our appointment date. I am hoping for something this year but everything moves at a different pace in the Ukraine.

In the mean time, we have put in a privacy fence in our backyard (Thank you, Gary!) Caelia had begun to scale her way over the chain link fence that was there. It is the hardest part of having a child like Caelia - she wanders, doesn't recognize dangers and is very determined to see the rest of the world. We have to figure out a new lock for the back gate - she figured it out. This is always tough, because it has to be accessible for other people but not for Caelia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Caelia has also taken to playing hide and seek. Sometimes, its really hard to find her - she can fit in the most unlikely places. So I ordered this thing called a "gigglebug". Its a cute pin that looks like a ladybug that you attach to the back of her clothes and a key fob that you keep and if you want to find her, you push the button and it chirps. Kind of like the find handset on the cordless phone. It might be cheating for hide and seek but it will certainly make life a little easier.

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