November 16, 2007

Today is the 20th business day since our dossier was deposited with the SDA. Ukrainian law says they have 20 business days to respond to us. But this is the Ukraine, so when we hear, we hear. At least when you wait for Christmas as a kid, they give you one of those countdown calendars with the treats inside. They should make one of those for adopting parents! Not candy, though, after this much waiting, I wouldn't be able to fit in the airline seats.

The Today Show this morning ran a piece on the institutions in Serbia. Unfortunately, these conditions are common in many countries in eastern Europe. It is not because the people are heartless, or cruel. They simply do not have the resources and the caretakers do not have the ability, time or authority to change the conditions these lost ones are forced to endure. It breaks my heart to think of the girls we are hoping to adopt in a place such as this.

Anyone who is interested in reading this article can go to the NY Times website or TIME website or the full report is available at

Please don't read the full report unless you have a strong stomache.

On a more postive note: Serbia is one of the most affordable places to adopt from, travel time isn't that bad and Andrea has some lovely little ones on Reeces Rainbow who are in need of a forever family! Check out Jovan from the Christmas Angels page - he is very bright and considered a joy to be around. And with a smile like that, how could you doubt it?


Charissa said...

I'm watching you closely for a travel date, since we are a week behind you. I'm sad you haven't heard yet. Maybe it would come more quickly if I wasn't checking my email every 5 minutes though!

Randy and Sheila said...

Only every 5 minutes? My computer chimes when I have mail and I go running everytime it chimes. I also carry my cellphone around. I am not allowed to call my husband's cellphone unless I have APPOINTMENT NEWS!!!!

Charissa said...

Hmm. The chime is a great idea. I haven't figured out how to set that up on my email though. I'll be watching....Perhaps we will meet in Ukraine!