Guess who started school?

Yes, our little Masha-bug has started preschool! She is really happy about playing with kids her size. She shares her classroom with another little girl with Down syndrome who is older by one year - and I do mean little girl. Masha picks her up and carries her around like a doll. She is delighted to catch her bus in the morning and throws herself excitedly into my arms as she gets home in the afternoon.

It is wonderful to see her sparkle with enthusiasm. I am a little sad when I think of the children like her in Eastern Europe who do not get the joy of going to school and learning with other children because of their disabilities. We are so blessed to have Masha here in Minnesota where she can make the most of her potential.

I think she is pretty happy with being here too!

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. These are all my girls. I love the glowing eyes!
Masha enjoyed trick or treating and looked adorable as a little fairy. She wasn't real impressed with the wings but she loved carrying the pumpkin bucket.

Caelia and Lera are experts at making the rounds. Caelia made a beautiful witch - she even let me put makeup on her this year! She is still insisting on putting her costume on everyday. She really liked the hat.
Lera was Snow White - she wanted to be a Barbarian but they didn't have her size, so she settled for a Disney princess. Michael was very thankful that we didn't give Lera a sword. Lera can kick butt (and does) with a lightsaber on anyone that dares pick up another sword. Lera is quite the candy fiend and she is quick. One lady was sitting on the porch with a bowl on her lap handing out candy. She gave a piece to each of the girls but Lera grabbed another and ran. The lady thought it was funny and Lera does it with a smile so she was allowed to keep her ill-gotten goodies. Lera also believes that an open door is an invitation to enter. She attempted to make new friends at four houses. Randy sure had his hands full!

I got to stay home and greet the trick or treaters. I love this. Some kids are nervous but they eventually make it up to see me. Michael sometimes sits on the porch with a mask on pretending to be a scarecrow. He has strict orders not to scare the little ones but I got a lot of visitors this year that towered over me. They are fair game for Michael. He scared three girls straight off the porch - I love teenagers!

It was very still and very chilly which leads us to this photo. Yes, Randy managed to fog the entire neighborhood.
Happy Halloween!