October 28th, 2007

Okay - he's gone. I took him to the airport and headed for the hardware stores. We have 2 poles that stand in the middle of our unfinished basement - yuck! While Randy is gone, with the outstanding help of friends and family, we are removing the poles, putting in a laminated 18 foot beam and starting the drywall. My brother Brandon picked up the supplies and between us and my baby brother Ryan (six foot and 200lbs and still the baby) we wrangled 20 sheets of drywall downstairs. Randy's Dad showed up and started the laminating of the beam. They will all be back on Tuesday to slide it into place and in the mean time, I will be insulating and starting the drywall. I hope Randy likes the surprise. I know he hates home improvement projects - unless its a lighting project. He loves to add lights!

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