Thomas - November 12, 2007

Thomas passed away last night. He was a great cat with tons of personality. He will be missed alot.

There are so many wonderful stories about Tommy. Even the way he became part of our family was unique...

I was taking my husband to work one morning and we heard a meow. Michael was small, still in a carseat, and a little in love with cats and sometimes acted like a cat, so we told him that was very good and finished our commute to downtown. I heard him meow a few more times on the way back home but didn't really think much about it until I got home and realized that Michael was not meowing. I searched the inside of the caravan before coming to the scary conclusion that there was not a cat IN my car but UNDER it. I crawled under and plucked a 5 week old kitten from the plate above the muffler. His nose was burnt and so were his paws and as soon as I got him loose, he sank his claws into my chest and began to meow in earnest. The vet told us that he had probably damaged his hearing but he would live. And it was determined that anything that was that determined to come home with us, just had to stay with us.

He was really Michael's cat. He adored Michael, and tolerated anything any child dished out with such good nature. He was never cross, he purred so very loudly and I don't believe I heard him ever hiss. He was truly one of a kind.

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