I can see! - December 14, 2007

We went shopping today. Caelia always manages to talk the bell ringers into letting her ring the bell. She loves every bell ringer she meets. She was particularly taken with the gentleman that she met today. Of course, she was equally taken with the stockboy that she tried to talk out of his telephone. She was full of smiles, so we braved the eye glass store without Daddy. Her glasses were in and Mom couldn't wait to see them on her.

When the eyewear technician put her glasses on, Caelia got this look of wonder as she stared into the mirror. She didn't touch them, didn't really budge while they adjusted them. Not until I put my head next to hers and she looked at both of us with glasses, did she move. She very carefully turned and looked at me and lifted her hands up to feel my face. I think her eyesight must have deteriorated quite a bit from the time they had said her eyesight was fine. She has since taken them off, every chance she gets, but I was told that this is normal until she decides that she likes being able to see.

We remarked early on that Lera looked startlingly like Caelia but with glasses and we were right. Check out the picture :) and then check the link on the side labeled "Our Girls". What do you think? I think she also looks alot like the famous Reece of Reece's Rainbow fame!


Charissa said...

What a cutie pie! I am imagining all the fun you'll be having this Spring. Wow. You are so lucky!

Wendy said...

She looks adorable in her glasses. When Carley got hers just a couple of months ago... We all went to the dollar store bought several pair of reading glasses and punched out the glass part and we all wore glasses. The catch was every time someone took theirs off someone spoke up and said, "Oh no you have to wear your glasses, put them back on!" Even Carley was allowed to scold people if they took them off. This worked great along with when she was looking at books she could not see where the peek-a-boo window opened so I said, "Hold on," I put her glasses on and then asked her where the opening was...... She was amazed she could see it!

Can't wait to see all your girls and 1 handsome boy in a group picture!