December 20, 2007

Michael's room is almost done so we are spending a lot of time at Menards lately. Caelia and Michael have discovered the Christmas aisle and are quite content to stay there. Caelia is now HO-HOing on command (she doesn't really have enough breath to get out HO-HO-HO!)and is trying to blend in next to the plastic Santas. I think of her as something of an elf anyway.


Charissa said...

How are you doing? Are you panicking like I am?

Randy and Sheila said...

Yes, Charissa, I am panicking by the minute. I can't decide what to pack, I'm convinced that I will forget something hideously important and I am trying to think of everything my kids might possibly need while we are gone. I'm currently debating which clothes to send with them (that Caelia isn't going to outgrow before I get back) OH! How much growing will I miss?