December 19, 2007

I've been thinking a lot about why we are adopting. I think this must be normal as we get closer to actually traveling. There are a lot of reasons. A companion for Caelia, a larger family, saving a child from a place that no person should ever go and even because its the right thing for us to do. All of those are part of it but my favorite reason is that I am so happy with my family, my kids, that I can't think of anything better than multiplying the size of my family.

We do get asked how we think Caelia and Michael will react to the new girls. Caelia's reaction should be something like this:

Lera is reportedly a little on the stocky side and a very tall girl. Caelia is pretty tall and definitely earns our name of "Chunky monkey" so Randy is predicting a clash of the titans occuring in our livingroom. I think they will eventually work out their plans for timesharing Daddy's lap.

Michael told me today that he will be glad when they get here for 2 reasons. One, he will have two more snuggle buddies and two, he has a new room in the basement to hide from them (in case they decide to band together and attack him). I wonder if he will let me hide there too?

Most of the time this is how I see him with Caelia. I keep trying to imagine him with two more... soon...

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