Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Dossier is in the Ukraine! With any luck it will be submitted to the SDA on Monday. It feels so good to have it out of our hands.

We are turning our attention to finish up the renovations on the house. We have also decided to not have the Halloween party this year. It is expensive and so much work to put on, plus Randy has to leave on business the day after when the party would be. It would be too much for me to tackle on my own.

On a happier note: Caelia and Michael have their costumes ready for Halloween and I will not be sewing last minute this year. Caelia is going to be Bugs Bunny this year. She wanted to be a fairy but Minnesota being what it is, we're going with warm and cuddly. Michael is going to be Link (from the Zelda games). He likes to be the same thing most years but usually with costume upgrades!

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