Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mail came today but no good news. So I will be re-emailing my requests to both Senator Klobuchar and the USCIS field office in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Perhaps they will answer soon. On the upside, the Minneapolis Tax Assessor's office is wonderful; Denise was wonderful and promised the papers - signed and notarized - for pick up right away. Oh, if only everyone was so cooperative!

I entered a photo contest for the best Halloween House at Walgreens.com. I would love to win this. I plan on taking tons of pictures through the adoption process.

I guess I should talk about our plans to adopt.

Randy and I have two great children. Michael (age 11) who was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome and Caelia (age 5) who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth.

Michael is a little different but not so different that we thought he had a SYNDROME. To us, he was stubborn, imaginative and picky about clothes, noises, lights and temperature. Issues at school led to an evaluation, which led to a diagnosis, which led to a syndrome.

Caelia adores her big brother. She is an escape artist and has a wicked temper when thwarted in her attempts to escape the yard to go visiting. We have a system of gates, locks and alarms to keep her safe and us sane.

Our current family was what was on our mind as we considered adopting. We wanted to adopt a child that would need us and would probably be passed over because of a "dreaded syndrome". We wanted a child with a condition that we were familiar. We chose to adopt a girl with down syndrome for two reasons: one, Caelia would have someone to play with even after her current peers had matured beyond her and two, because Michael would not willing share a bedroom with anyone.

We decided on adopting from eastern europe because of the lack of resources that are available for orphans in general. Orphans with a disability are even less likely receive these resources.

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