On its way... October 11, 2007

The dossier is complete and on its way! It took all day to get everything notarized, apostilled and a new notarized letter of employment. Its so complicated. Everything needs to be notarized and then you must attached a letter, swearing that is is a true notarized original that you are sending and then you must have that letter notarized and THEN, you have that Apostilled.

We sent the dossier to the Ukraine via FedEx International Priority. This is the quickest and it means that the package should arrive on Tuesday in the Ukraine.

We are frequently asked how much it costs to adopt. Well, here is a breakdown so far:

Homestudy $2400
I-600a $ 545 (this has gone up)
FBI Fingerprints $ 140
Passports $ 240
Apostilles $ 90
FEDEX $ 118
Certified copies $ 145
Translation $1000

TOTAL (SO FAR) $4678

There are still travel costs, visas, passports for the girls and translator/facillitator fees. Its not cheap but it should end up being less than my hospital fees when I had Caelia.

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