Columbus Day and Waiting...

Today was a difficult day. I am fed up to my teeth with waiting. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the USCIS field office to check on the progress of our I600a application (basically asks permission for us to adopt) without success. I am beginning to believe that this place only exists in books and legends. There is no telephone and email must be for those with top secret clearances. You can't make an appointment to speak to someone without a receipt number. (The receipt number we were given won't work) So, I contacted Senator Amy Klobuchar's office for help and after filling out and signing information releases, our issue was assigned to an assistant. A few days later we received a receipt number.

Its the wrong receipt number.

To say that I am at the end of my patience would be a kind thing to say. So after much begging and pestering on the 800 number for the USCIS, we were given a receipt number and the email address. I tried making an appointment to speak to someone but there are no available appointments for the month of October. Its been 5 days since I sent them an email (which is supposed to be replied to in 24 to 48 hours) and I still haven't heard a peep. No mail today which means I am even more frustrated. I think I'll put up spooky Halloween decorations and pretend that they are there to frighten away evil paperwork monsters.

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