Back in Moscow

Yes, I know that I haven't finished detailing our 2nd trip but when I got home everyone got sick and then there was spring break and then there was the most important part - babyproofing for a 3 year old. So it would be fair to say that I am just now sitting down.

We arrived safe and sound with no airplane woes this trip and settled into a new hotel in the heart of Moscow this time. We stayed near the babyhome last trips because of travel. This time we are only making one trip to the babyhome and that is to pick up Masha. We won't get to do this until Tuesday. We will be taking care of paperwork and running about on Monday and that is just no way to test whether or not she gets car sick. She hasn't been in a car to my knowledge since she arrived at the babyhome and frequently children will get sick because of this.

We had Easter dinner at TGI Fridays and it was yummy! And reasonably priced for Moscow, surprisingly. Our waitress spoke English and was very friendly. Oh, and you know the birthday song that they sing in America at TGIF? The Russians put us to shame! Think rallying cry on the battlefield and you might come close to the enthusiasm and intensity.

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