Just relaxing...

All of the necessary footwork has been done for the paperwork on the last trip. We can finally relax a bit before we go home - AND I am now sleeping on a normal schedule, and feel a bit more like myself, so its time to catch you up on this week.

After our visit to Masha the first day, after more paperwork, we had lunch at a wonderful traditional Russian restaurant. It is located in the oldest bath house in Moscow and is beautiful. The staff are extremely attentive and the food was out of this world. We had a traditional juice made from pomagranates and wonderful bread. I am proud to say that my son (and Randy) tried a bite of everything and Michael has a new favorite food: SAM-sow. He didn't even change his mind when he was told it contained goat. Our friend Francesca was along and she called them Russian hot pockets. Michael however, did not enjoy the red caviar. He did spend several minutes trying to see inside the eggs.

We also took Michael to see Red Square. It was daylight this time and there was a lot of activity. We saw two bridal parties walking across the square taking pictures and were told that this was for luck. The Russians have a lot of beliefs about luck and tradition.

I stood in this circle and made a wish (local tradition). Can you guess what I wished for?
I also got to see a Russian Eagle. It, along with 2 small monkeys dressed in snow suits were available to have your picture taken with. No way was I going near that eagle! There were pidgeons walking around near it and I had asked our translator why didn't it attack the pidgeons- she said it was probably drugged. It didn't look too drugged when it decided to go after the pidgeons and lift its post off the ground. The pidgeon did get away but I kept a wide berth.

We also saw the changing of the guard of what I think is like our Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
We also walked past these beautiful fountains, well they are fountains in the summer. I was told that they are dancing fountains and that the water moves.

We headed back to our hotel and then we noticed. Michael, who announced upon waking that morning, that he was "normal" and could not understand why Mama and Dad were dragging it, was completely out. I mean, dead to the world, sawing logs, OUT.
He stayed this way (with only a short stumble up to our room) the rest of the day. He woke with Randy and I around 1am local time and we went back to sleep around 4:30am.


Arizona mom to eight said...

I think I can accurately guess what you wished for, or should I say who? I am glad you are feeling more like yourself, it takes a bit for me. When will you return to USA?

Arizona mom to eight said...

Wanted to say, welcome home!

John and Mona Dinning and Family said...

Hi Guys you dont know me but I have been following your journey for a while. We too live in Minnesota and are Lera's new family and will be traviling to Russia soon ourselves. I hope that you dont mind but you need to go to our blog and look at the quilt I made. Your little girl inspired me! mdinn38613.blogspot.com Enjoy!

The Minnesota Dinnings!

schoolmother said...

It is fun to see your pictures though I am very late visiting your blog. Your little girl is so cute. It will be great to hear that she is HOME.

Bethany said...

So excited that you are back there! Just catching up. :) How great you got to bring your son along ... can't wait for Masha to be home!

MoonDog said...

Ive been to those fountains and yes they are beautiful. I stood in the wishing spot too! we stayed in a fab apartment just up the road from there. it was with peace travel and they had free internet and phone to usa. it was awesome. anyways congrats and great photos! brings back to many memories! you did go to the GUM didnt you? I hope you didnt miss a chance like that!