Back to our last trip (part 1)

We visited Masha first thing. She and Michael were really getting on well. She has much more energy in the morning. We even got to go outside!

We then went to the market. This place was awesome. They had really good prices on souveniers and they also had antiques and really really good food. I love the buildings.

This last building was where we ate. We had Russian BBQ (shosh-leek) and Michael got to try his hand at the grill but the smoke was too much for him. They also had the best (and I mean BEST) bread. I am not sure what it was called but it was from Uzebekastan.

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Arizona mom to eight said...

Oh goodness, Masha's face is preceless in all her cold weather gear LOL I am glad you for there safe and sound, praying for a seamless trip for you and esp a glorious gotcha day.