Back to our last trip (part 2)

The day before court we went to see Masha. She was dressed in that beautiful dress from our first trip. She thought it needed accessorizing though and promptly relieved Michael of his treasured "shopka" that he bought at the market. She didn't take it off until we left.

We had to leave because we had a meeting with the court translator and then we went to the Bolshoi Ballet. We saw Don Quixotote. It was beautiful and the music was wonderful but we were very tired and Michael was in particular. There had been a mixup with our tickets so instead of sitting next to each other we sat in 5 different rows (one in front of another). There was a long wooden rail next to us to we did have a wonderful view with no one in the way. Did I mention that we were very tired? Well, Michael was very very very tired and fell asleep during the ballet. The Russian woman next to him frowned alot and shook her head at him. I think she was appalled that he went to sleep. During the show, I head a loud THUNK behind me and turned around to see that Michael's head had fallen against the rail. He didn't even wake up.

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Leah said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't realize you are there THIS week! (well I probably did at one time, but it's gotten lost in my brain as I prepared for our trip! LOL) I can't wait until you get your girl!!! Looks like we'll be crossing in the air somewhere. HUGS! Oh, here's the link to the new CTR blog. We leave tomorrow morning!