We're Here!

We landed in Moscow at 6:30pm on Friday...that's something like 28 hours after we got up and started this trip. Our luggage decided it was going to hang out in New York for an extra day. Passport control is a very long line and we moved from long line to short line at the lost luggage desk.

It is very difficult to describe the contents of your luggage and where you have been and why you did not make your original flights to someone who speaks very limited English...it is even harder when it takes so long that you have a shift change and have to start over! I did spend time helping Chuck (a fellow American who missed his flights as well) try to explain what stage props were to a very confused group of clerks. Michael slept in a chair. Randy talked to Vanilla Ice.

Actually, he continued his conversation that from Amsterdam and New York. They had quite the conversation. Randy posted this on Facebook. He was a very nice man, very friendly. Michael was sleeping or we might have asked for a picture. They talked for over an hour because Chuck and I got to communicate with the locals. Chuck is his tour manager. They were playing at some MTV thing at Olympic Stadium. Olympic Stadium is HUGE and they said it had already sold out. We tried to teach him some Russian words to get by, he got hello, thank you and later. Oh, and Paka! He liked that one.

Our translator and friend had arrived at the airport and had breakfast at the airport thinking we would be arriving then, left when they got my message and then came back to wait for 4 hours while we cleared customs and lost luggage. I was so happy to see them! We had supper at the hotel and then went upstairs and fell instantly asleep. We slept for 9 hours and I was still tired. Michael declared that he was perfectly back to normal. We just smiled - we had been this route before.


Kat said...

I am so glad you had such a good reunion with Masha. She is beautiful and you must be feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to be her parents.

Tell Michael that the eggs are a different color because they came from different kinds of chickens and were most likely grain fed. Makes the yolks darker and gives them a better flavor (in my opinion). So he shouldn't worry about the color because the chickens they came from were probably much happier and healthier than the chickens that laid the grocery store eggs in the US.

Arizona mom to eight said...

What is an adoption trip without lost luggage huh? NYC kept ours a few days when we went to Ukraine too. I believe we got them Saturday night, adn we had arrived on Thursday.

I am glad you got there OK, and meeting Vanilla Ice, wow, he must be in his 40's now, right, good to hear he is still singing and doing tours.

My sister used to keep chickens, she actually had some that laid green eggs, though the inside looked more or less the same LOL. The yolks of the different species of chickens are all different colors.

Anonymous said...

Staff and students at BCHS were thrilled to share this trip. We are amazed at Michael's experiences. He sure enjoyed sharing specifics with us.