The journey so far..

Our 11:15am flight from Minneapolis was delayed in Chicago - for 3 hours. The flight was very turbulent but Michael handled it like a trooper. He thought it was fun. Mom and Dad less fun.

So we missed our flight to Moscow. And we missed the flight that we would have been able to make if our first flight was not so late. We are waiting to hear what our new flights will be. Notice I said new FLIGHTS. We will most likely be arriving in Amsterdam in the wee hours tomorrow (leaving here at 10pm or so) and then departing for Moscow at around 1 pm and arriving (most likely in a rumpled, sleepy, grumpy exhausted heap) at about 6pm. I will update more when I have firm times.

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Our mission said...

We are praying that you will get a new flight soon! Can't wait to hear when you get there!
the Adamsons