April 3, 2008

There really is a lot of work that needs to be done when you get home with your little one. There is paperwork for social security, immigration, Ukraine embassy, medicaid, insurance, benefits...and then there are the doctor's appointments. Many doctors appointments to set up. Most of Lera's medical information is sketchy, so even giving her antibiotics is a guess. Is she allergic? In a lot of ways its like having a newborn but with a few twists. We already know some information but sometimes that is more information than you want because it can be so hard to decipher through what it has been translated as. It has taken me about 2 weeks to get to the point that I can sit down and catch up on other things. And after that lengthy excuse for why I haven't been blogging, you'd think I would have an incredibly detailed post for you today - but no, I am going to weasel one more day before catching you up on how we are adjusting. The weather is beautiful and I now have 2 (count them) 2 escape artists that are dying to get out of the house. I took these pictures on the porch - note the bare feet and the SNOW in the background! And this is a picture of Lera - she's actually trying to catch bubbles on her tongue - Michael showed her how.


WheresMyAngels said...

Looks like Missouri weather! One day snow, the next days shorts!! lol

Wendy said...

They are so cute barefeet and all!! It is definitely a challenge in the beginning......heck sometimes it is still challenging!!!