April 29, 2008 -

We have doctors appointments this week - lots of them. Lera has a rash on her backside that is very persistant, Caelia (and I) got bit by something in the garage while we were cleaning, both girls have appointments with the ENT and the eye doctor but I wanted to let everyone know how things are progressing in the Green household.

Caelia spent the last week running after Lera and sitting on her - she discovered that she outweighs Lera. After about a week of this Lera decided to throw things at Caelia - big things. I thought that kaos was the direction we were heading but it seems to have settled out. Caelia still tackles Lera but she now moves if Lera protests. I think they have reached some sort of understanding.

They both agree that outside is the place to be. It is warm and sunny and there is lots of dirt and stuff to get into! I have never seen a little girl so determined to play in the dirt. I wonder if that has something to do with the lack of toys at her orphanage? Of course, this does not explain Caelia's determination for doing the same thing.

Today is the last nice day we will have until next week. It's 60 degrees out and sunny but the forecast is for rain (lots of rain) and a few flurries this weekend. Yuck!


schoolmother said...

Oh Sheila, I am so sorry I had not kept up on your blog so I am enjoying the belated news of how your trip home went and how the adjustment is going.

Charissa said...

And no pictures? That is very interesting about the storm. Makes you so sad to think about all those kids with no mommies and daddies to run to in the middle of the night. Heartbreaking.