We're Here!

We made all our connections. Paris was kind of a mess, too early in the morning for alot of things and we were transfering to Ukraine Airlines, so finding information was difficult. Alot of the staff speak english which is fortunate because I can't speak a word of french. Carryon restrictions are different so we had to check our luggage for the last leg of the trip. They do want to see a copy of your prescriptions, even though it was explained that the US doctors and pharmacies don't do that. The attendant at the counter said to put them in our checked luggage and perhaps they wouldn't notice. Carryon bags can way no more than 7kg or they need to be checked. Mine was 12kg but our laptop bag which is probably about 10kg with all the electronics, wasn't even weighed.

All of our flights were business class up until this flight. Our flight to Kyiv was crowded and we sat on the runway for over an hour. Long enough, that when we took off, I got rained on by the condensation that had formed during the wait. I had the middle seat, between to men and couldn't budge. We were given customs documents to fill out on the plane, which required an act of contortionism to reach my passport and a pen out of my bag in front of me.

While we were in line to go through customs, I reached for my passport and discovered that it was not there. After a long search, I concluded that it had tumbled out during the flight. I found a lovely gentleman in uniform who called the crew and had them check my seat and fortunately, it was found.

I had visions of Tom Hanks in The Terminal while waiting. We then needed to fill out declarations because of the amount of money we had and finally, they let us out. Poor Ileana, we had her so scared. There is no way to contact anyone until you clear customs, so she was panicking. I don't think they even are told that the flight is massively delayed, added it to customs woes and it was 3 hours late before we actually got to see Kyiv.

We did make it and we are safe. We have our appointment at 3pm on Tuesday. Our apartment has internet (you need to go sit on the unheated balcony because the walls are so thick, but its internet!) so we will post later.


tammyand03 said...

Glad to hear that you made it there safely. I would have been a nervous wreck with my missing passport. You are all in our prayers.

Amy W said...

Wow! What a trip so far! I am glad that you made it there safe and sound and are one step closer to meeting you sweet little girls!

Meredith said...

Yay! Here is my cell #, I am in Kiev now too. (8) 099-333-9969

AZmomto7 said...

So happy to hear you are there and safe, you had quite a ride! I can't wait to hear about your SDA appointment.


Randy and Sheila said...

Thanks Tammy. There is nothing quite like not having your passport to simulate a heart attack! We're doing great however-must be all the prayers.

Randy and Sheila said...
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AZmomto7 said...

You are with our Yelena? Oh please send her my love and tell her I cannot get an email to her as the address she gave me will not work.

Waiting with baited breath for news of you SDA appointment.

Randy and Sheila said...

Yelena picked us up and asked after you. I told her that your beautiful girl was settling in and you do indeed miss Ukraine.

Christina said...

Wow! What a ride so far! Excited to hear all of the deatils of the coming days!

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