January 3, 2008

Today is a brighter day! For one thing, it got above 5 degrees today. (That is 5 degrees fahrenheit not celsius.) Its still cold, but that should just make Ukraine feel that much warmer.

Michael is beginning to talk about how much he is going to miss us while we are gone. I keep reminding him that his Uncle Ryan's xbox 360 is wide open while Ryan is at school. I somehow think he won't miss us until after Ryan gets home.

I keep hugging my Caeli-bird and thinking about how hard its going to be not to snuggle with her. She loves her Ryan and Grandpa and they spoil her so I know she will do just fine.

And now that I have convinced myself of this maybe I can go back to figuring out what DVDs I am willing to watch repeatedly. Randy is going to rip several to our laptop's hard drive so we don't have to hassle with discs.

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