January 22, 2008

We leave in 5 days and I am running about like a madwoman trying to get all the things done that I should have been on top of way before now. It has been an eventful time since I last blogged however.

Michael has moved to his new room and has announced that next Christmas we need to get him a fridge and he will never need to surface. His room is still missing closet doors and the last bit of faux painting for his ceiling but it is pretty universally agreed that he has the best room in the house!

Our plan was to tear out the wall between Caelia's room and Michael
s old room to make space for the girls. That was the plan. Then we discovered that the heat duct going upstairs to our bedroom was hidden in that wall. The good news about this discovery is that we found insulation stuffed in the ductworks and that really explains why our bedroom always seemed so icy...The down side to this is that the girls room is in danger of not being complete by the time we leave.

I suppose I can finish it when I get back, before I go back to get the girls. I will probably be returning by myself to pick them up. Randy really wants to save some vacation for spending with the girls when they arrive. I am sure we will have lots of appointments right out of the box and the extra hands would be wonderful!

We picked up our Russian to English phrase book. Nothing like learning as you go. Randy has been listening to Ukrainian radio and trying to learn for months but they speak so fast.

I have more packing to do, for my kids. Michael and Caelia are staying with their Grandfather while we are gone at his house so I am trying to pack some toys for Caelia- Michael does his own packing - I guarentee that he will pack twice as much as Randy and I combined.

I will try to post more frequently once we are traveling. I know of a lot of very anxious RR Aunties waiting to hear news from far away.


Karen said...

Yes, we will be hounding your blog!:) But, also praying fervently for you and your girls!

Karen -RR group

Randy and Sheila said...

Thanks Karen. I realised when Wendy was in Izmail adopting Macey what a wonderful thing it was to read about their journey. It was nerve wracking when they couldn't upload! I think I checked her blog every hour.

spahrfamily said...

It's so exciting that you have your date. I know you are busy, busy! I can't wait to read your blog when you are traveling and waiting anxiously for an update. It's addictive reading of everyone's adventures.
Martha S.

Amy W said...

I am so excited for you to meet your girls and get a chance to give them all the love they deserve!! I will be checking your blog daily when you get there, actually more like several times a day! LOL!

Christina said...

Thinking about you as you are making your final preparations to leave and go get your new girlies....it is almost time!

RR Yahoo Group

Lisa said...

I'll be praying for you! Please keep us informed.
Lisa (RR)