January 7, 2008

This is where we are going in 20 days. 20 days until we leave (I think its 19 days because I'm not going to do anything productive the last day but Randy says its 20 days - and he is taking prednisone, so he wins.)

We need to pick out some reading for the plane and a "seat adapter" (has nothing to do with what you sit on) It's actually a plugin adapter to charge our laptop on the plane. I also am debating whether to be optimistic and take pullups and coming home clothes for the girls or do I save the room and pack with the more probable outcome of having to return to bring the girls home?

I think we'll have to pick out clothes there, if we are to bring them home this trip. I really don't know what size they are - I know from Wendy (adopted Macey this summer from Izmail) that both girls are tall, Lena is very thin and Lera is more stocky. However this is very subjective. Tall for here or for the orphanage? Both girls are older than the other children at the babyhouse; they are being kept there for us instead of being sent to the institution where conditions are much less favorable.

Any suggestions that anyone has for communicating back home would be greatly appreciated. I am so going to miss my kids. Michael can read and will like getting emails. Caelia really needs voices or pictures to communicate. We have a webcam, if we can figure out how to make it work in Ukraine. I've heard that Skype can be used with varying success. This is where we are going on a map. We fly into Kyiv and then travel to Izmail after our SDA appointment. Izmail is the location of the babyhouse.


Charissa said...

Sheila, How did you get your map? We've had people ask for one, and that is so cool to put it on your blog. I am also bringing a blanket, a coat and 3 outfits (because I got them on clearance for $5 each) just in case. I figured I can buy diapers there or from the orphanage. I wonder if we'll get to meet. I wouldn't know what you look like since you've never put a picture of yourself on your blog!

Randy and Sheila said...

I made the map. I can make a copy for you if you like. I don't put pictures of me, because I have never taken a good picture and generally, I am the one TAKING the pictures!

Lisa said...

Is there really a chance you could bring home the girls on your first trip? How does that work?
I love the pictures of the girls.

Anonymous said...

I am getting so excited for you guys! How is the packing coming? Are you bringing the girls home by yourself? I hope you get to hook up with some of the other RR girls. Only a few days left! Good luck and keep us posted.

Randy and Sheila said...

Hi, Lisa. We don't know - like everything else in adopting - we'll see. I will in all likelihood be bringing the girls home on a second trip by myself.

Randy and Sheila said...

Shawnie, Completely swamped which is why I haven't been posting. Thanks for the luck, all of the positive comments and wishes help the journey along! Good Luck with your Angels.