Lots going on.....

We've had a busy last few months and the blog has been long neglected, so I am going to help Sheila out and put up a few posts. We got the kids school photos back a few months ago and think they all turned out great!!

Our first baby Michael is starting to look like a man, it's scary sometimes to realize he is quickly approaching adulthood. Caelia and Lera have both done awesome in school and are making a lot of progress on their speech this year and they are both really getting the fashion bug and love clothes shopping....yes I am scared!! Our little Mashinka loves preschool, she really likes to be around kids her size and her teachers say she is doing great and is very sociable. It's a shame we don't have someone in the family her age like Caelia has Lera.

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Anonymous said...

What's the wonderful pictures! Everything looks very good and very beautiful and very pleasant to look at these pictures. I'm happy for you.
Sincerely, Alexеy.