Guess who started school?

Yes, our little Masha-bug has started preschool! She is really happy about playing with kids her size. She shares her classroom with another little girl with Down syndrome who is older by one year - and I do mean little girl. Masha picks her up and carries her around like a doll. She is delighted to catch her bus in the morning and throws herself excitedly into my arms as she gets home in the afternoon.

It is wonderful to see her sparkle with enthusiasm. I am a little sad when I think of the children like her in Eastern Europe who do not get the joy of going to school and learning with other children because of their disabilities. We are so blessed to have Masha here in Minnesota where she can make the most of her potential.

I think she is pretty happy with being here too!


Leah said...

Oh look at HER!!!!!! She is ADORABLE all dressed for school! HA!

NDMom said...

She is just BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy that she is in your family too!

Arizona mom to eight said...

Look at her precious smile. Oh wow, I so wish we had a school system here we could trust, Mash looks so happy. She has grown, changed so much!. I would love to talk to you about adopting from Russia, I know it was a tough one. Maybe a chat on FB?