A Birthday and Christmas!!

On December 23rd our Masha turned 4 years old. It's hard to believe it was almost exactly one years since our first trip to Moscow to get her right before her 3rd birthday, we are so glad to have her home and to be able to celebrate her birthdays with a family. She of course loved the cake and the singing that went along with it.

We ended up celebrating her birthday on Christmas since the whole family was over. The kids all had a great christmas....it's official our kids are just way to spoiled, we tried not to go overboard with gifts, but it seemed like everywhere we turned we found something they would love. The best part of course is Christmas morning after Santa Claus came, they managed to sleep in a bit so Mom and Dad were happy. The only bummer for me was losing our digital camera so I could only get a few shots with my phone so the pics didn't turn out as good as I hoped. Although the trip to visit Santa Claus pics turned out really good!

I had to throw in this last picture, it's the snowsuit Masha wears to school everyday. Alexey bought it for her before we left Russia, it's super cute and keeps her toasty warm.

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Anonymous said...

What's the wonderful pictures! Girls are so gentle. And Santa - the real, this Santa exactly will fulfill all desires!
Sincerely, Alexеу.