And the winner is...

The complete list of winners is located here. Thanks to all of you who entered and donated to help Angelina come home!

An update on our progress:

Next week we are submitting our application and fees to begin our official home study. We are almost finished collecting the documents required for our dossier. We have been through this before and know what needs to be gotten. Actually, it needs to be RE-gotten because if a notary is close to expiring, Russia does not accept it or if the document was certified longer than a year ago they also won't accept it. Who knew marriage certificates expired? It is our goal to move this along as quickly as we can.

The kids are on spring break. Actually, Michael was on spring break for a week, then Masha was on for a week and next week our big girls get their spring break. Then mama and daddy get a break! Looks like daddy is going to need it most. Since we live in Minnesota and are up to our butts in snow, the girls have been inside a lot (rounds of colds and sniffles) and daddy has become their playground equipment.

but hey, it beats getting in front of Caelia and her Wii boxing!


Elissa said...

Your family is adorable! I can't wait to see Angelina in those pictures!

Emi said...

Good thing there's still place on your legs for Angelina to sit there! haha that picture is beautiful! I bet those sisters will have so much fun!