October 9, 2008 - An unusual holiday

Those of you who know us well are aware that we like Halloween. I mean really like Halloween. I like any holiday that I get to spend celebrating with my family. I love Christmas, adore Thanksgiving, rejoice on Easter and celebrate with the best of them on Independence Day. Halloween, however, has a special place in my heart.

I was 6 years old the first time I went trick or treating. It was wonderful. I was out at night (well past my usual curfew), I got to go door to door and collect candy and treats. I was Tinkerbell. I had the little green dress and wings and one of those awful plastic masks and a bright orange pumpkin to carry my loot home in. I remember walking up to one house that I had visited before and the guy at the door (not scary looking) reached out with a huge stash of candy in a (gloved) gory looking hand. He made one of those monster/villain laughs as he dropped it in my pumpkin. YAAA HA HAAAA! I said thank you and ran for the street where my dad was waiting and SMACK INTO A PARKED CAR! I have been hooked ever since. I was 6 years old and decided that good things aren't always easy to recognise, that my Dad was always there to dust me off and that the things that go thump in the night aren't always something to fear (trust me - a lot of people who witnessed my flight, laughed themselves silly once they realised I wasn't hurt).

Moon Pies are a great motivator for a 6 year old but you would think that I would have outgrown this love for Halloween. Not so! Every year we throw a Halloween party for all the children we know. We have lots of kids and adults that come to the party. Anyone can dress in costume who wants to - but its not mandatory. There is lots of food and games - even a pinata. The children run about with glow bracelets and drink Dragon's Blood Punch (a putrid looking mixture or grape juice, orange juice and Sprite that tastes pretty good) All food HAS to have a disgusting name to be Halloween party worthy. Most of all, I like that it is not at all solemn - it is a night when everyone is a kid and acts like a kid and no one thinks twice about it.
These are our Halloween Party invitations for this year. I made them from a photo we took of our house a few years back.


Leah said...

Ohhh your house looks so cool all decked out! Angela has always loved Halloween, but this is the first year she's talking about it in a more..hhmm...I don't know, just a very different way. Talking about things being spooky, etc. I think she finally understands there are really people in the costumes, and the scary stuff is fake. (though I'm sure she'll still be freaked out when it comes down to meeting a character face to face! LOL) Have a blast at your party!

AZmomto8 said...

How cool Sheila! My daughter Julia would adore you, she also loves Halloween. I am not much of a party person, but I used to love it too. My kids still can't wait for Halloween.

This year we get to celebrate Kara's 4th birthday 3 days before. I think that we will have a Halloween party for her when she gets older and understands it better, won't that be fun!

BTW, I left something for you on Meghan's blog, please check it out.

Danni said...

Um, not to be a lame-o and just invite myself over but...can I come? I would love to have another excuse to dress my poor kid up in a dorky outfit, and what better excuse than to (finally) meet Lera and see your home!! Let me know... :)

Your cuz,