October 22nd - Get a strep test!

I wanted to share this story with everyone I know and stress the importance of getting a strep test if you have a sore throat. It's truely unbelievable what happened to a friend of ours:


Rick's wife Jill was my boss when Caelia was born and I will never forget the things she did for us. We didn't know Caelia had DS and weren't prepared for it, it terrified us and was a confusing time. Jill told me to take as much time off as I needed and to not worry about using my vacation up, she made sure I got paid, even when we had to take Caelia back in to the hospital when she had jaundice.

We had the opportunity to meet Rick a few times and he is a great guy and a wonderful dad. You can read more about Rick and everything that happened to him at this site:


They are having a benefit for him to help pay for prostetic legs this Saturday, I wish we could go and give them support in person, but our annual Halloween party is scheduled at the same day and time. Please read Rick's story and think about sending a donation. Keep him and his amazing family in your prayers.

Thanks, Randy

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