August 24, 2008 - The Great Minnesota Get Together

Otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair. The Fair is an annual event in our house with extra importance because of Michael. Michael has proudly proclaimed that he has never missed a Fair in his life. He was barely a month old when we took him the first time. He also insists that he NEVER will miss a Fair. We are getting close enough to finished with our paperwork that it was a concern that we might miss this one. We are still waiting for our I171h to arrive. It always seems to be the sticking point in our adoptions. It is very frustrating - but I digress. The point of this post is the Fair.

There is about 2 hours of preparation that goes into an outing like this. First, there is the cooler and diaper bag. Caelia needs electrolytes - she dehydrates fast and most things upset her tummy and one of the best parts of the Fair is the food. So, water, ice, electrolytes. Medications, sunscreen, diapers and 3 changes of clothes for each girl (and a clean shirt for Mama and Daddy in case one of the princesses - probably Caeli - chucks up her cheese curds. The girls are really trying on the whole potty training thing - but they haven't quite got it down yet and the Fair is the last place to try to practice. Lines for the womens' room is always long.

Everything needs to fit into the stroller. We currently have a double jogging stroller. You wouldn't think that a stroller was a necessity for a 6 and an almost 6 yr old but Caelia does evenutally tire and Lera seems to tire easily. The stroller serves a couple of purposes. It is handy for containment purposes. You don't want to have to chase 2 girls running in opposite directions. It is a safety device. Not only does it keep them from wandering, it protects them from people who plow blindly through crowds and never mind the child that is tottering along in front of them (a personal pet-peeve - especially if they are walking with a lit cigarette at little face level). It saves Daddy's back. It saves Mama's back and shoulders. Shoulders because of how heavy the diaper bag with supplies gets to be. There are problems with the one we have - like we will soon need a stroller for 3 or 2 strollers.

We are thinking of getting the same stroller that Meredith has ( It is practically impossible to find a stroller to accomodate 2 bigger kids but this one looks like it might do but anyone with another suggestion, please let us know. The Valco Baby stroller has a great feature - a toddler seat that can attach in the front for a third child to ride. Sounds like a plan to me - if it can accomodate my big girls.

Anyway, our current stroller will do while we have only two riders. It just requires a bit more effort. It is designed for a taller person (which I am not) and it has a fixed wheel in front so you need to pop a wheelie to make turns. This is a bit tough to do with over 100 pounds of precious cargo.

Grandpa and Uncle Ryan went with us. The girls were very excited. They were aware of going somewhere special but I don't think Caelia remembers it clearly and nothing in Lera's memories are like the Fair. As soon as we drove onto the fairgrounds, the girls were pointing and trying to get loose. Lera saw the Midway (where all the rides are) and started shrieking. We took her to a small carnival around Independence Day and had to carry her back to the car kicking and protesting when it was time to leave because she so wanted to go back to the games.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, pleasant and very busy. Our first stop was the animal barns. Not a favorite of Michael or Ryan or Randy for that matter but the girls really like the animals. A very nice boy asked if the girls wanted to be his calf. She was very sweet and mostly stayed asleep. Lera was thrilled! Then we went to see the sheep and a wonderful lady introduced her to a lovely nanny goat. We saw bunnies and chickens and turkeys. We discovered that turkeys and chickens really hate Ryan. All he had to do was walk past one and it would get all ruffled and noisy. Lera had to touch everyone of the animals they had out to be petted. So much food. Pronto pups, turkey legs, milkshakes, caramel apples in a dish, pulled pork sandwiches, deep fried cheese curds, mini donuts, porkchop on a stick, pickle dogs and of course, the footlong hotdogs were great! Two ends - no waiting! Michael is such an anomally. In the midst of all of the noise and crowds, he finds a small garden and while the girls scarf down a "meatball sundae" he spent his time trying to coax a butterfly onto his finger to show his sisters. In addition to food and animals there are also rides. Oh, boy, the RIDES! Pictures discribe these better than I can.

By far, however, the best thing about the Fair is the MUSIC. Both Caelia and Lera seem to live for music and to dance. This is a bit tough when Mama has you buckled into the stroller but when you gotta gotta dance.


Angela said...

here in New Zealand they make a jogging buggy where can attach extra seats on top se

Leah said...

Strollers: Angela is 12 and still in a stroller. She has very low stamina, and after just a couple blocks has reacher her limit. Add to it Anhidrosis (inability to sweat) and she overheats VERY quickly. Throw in an occasional wandering episode and one needs a containment device. LOL Her stroller is really a wheelchair (and is billed as a wheelchair to insurance.) but looks like a stroller. For yours, could someone remove the front wheel and add a different wheel that turns? You can find them at Northern Hydraulics or Tools and More.
The State Fair: Oh how I love the MN State Fair!!! I'm still begging Dean to go, and Angela loves it, but I think we're opting out this year. We go for the food and people watching, Angela goes for all the other stuff. Since we're desperately trying to loose weight right now, the fair food is out. But man, I can smell the mini donuts and corn dogs from here!

June Berger said...

Glad you all had fun at the fair! I added Masha's button to my blog.

AZmomto8 said...

What a great time, I can just tell from the pictures, i ahve decided I want to come and live with you, my poor girls, in the summer we just stay home, none of us handle the heat well!

Strollers, I am right there with you, Meghan also tires easily and we need one for all three. I have shopped on-line for weeks and nothing seems to fit the bill for us. The one the Cornishes have is mega expensive, at least for our budget, so I don;t think we can get one like theirs, so we need a less expensive alternative.

If you find one that is not $700 and works for your three, let me know.

I added Masha's button to Amanda's blog, Kara's is so packed with things, i was worried no one would see it.

Wendy said...

They look like they are having so much fun!!

Bethany said...

Don't you just love fairs?! We just had our local fair here and it was so fun!

Oh, and let me know if you need help getting the Valco ... I can probably help! Wink wink!