August 18, 2008 - Time for a little work

As you can tell by the last video clip with the girls dancing- my living room is a mess. All those papers that were dumped out in the floor were part of my mad search for more documents that I needed to send to Russia. Yes, we are getting that close. Still waiting for the USCIS to send us our approval but that is about all we need. The paper I was looking for was a tiny receipt that had our fingerrprint ID's for our local Police clearance. Our fingerprints are still good so all I needed was to have them pull the records and re-run the background check - this would save Randy from leaving work during the fragile 2 hour window that they give you on Fridays to be fingerprinted. It is a mountain of paperwork and a lot of effort to complete an international adoption but I think these are worth it.
However, my livingroom is nothing compared to the girls' room. Michael very aptly calls the girls Hurricane Caelia and Tsunami Lera. Today we will be working on making their room sparkle. We also need to think about arranging their room to accomodate a new arrival. The room is plenty big enough - if you remove all the excess toys. We are working on the outside of the house, so the familyroom in the basement is on hold. In Minnesota the season for home improvement to the outside of the house is pretty short - especially if you are trying to pack as much playing in the warm summer sunshine as possible!

I will be posting at least every other day as we approach our travel. At least, that is the goal - blogging is hard to do with 110 pounds of squirming, giggling girls on your lap.


Wendy said...

You said it sister!! I love those girls and I definitely love Michael's take on things!

I need to get to work and make our changes in the house and charts to help keep them on task as school is about to start!! I had enough trouble trying to get one girl to school ontime let alone TWO WILD THINGS!!

I can't wait to see the new addition in that room.

Shelley said...

Yep, without a doubt...worth every headache from the crazy paper work!
And look at little Masha...up on her feet and trying to walk!

Good luck with getting organized. We're *almost* there too.

Amy said...

OOOOOOOOOOOh, you are so lucky to have these pics of your new little one!! I am waiting for my referral from Russia right now. I can't wait to see my new little boy!:):)

mommajeane said...

Watching your family always makes me smile... The girls look like they enjoy everything about life... what inspirations they are... and little Masha is a dear too.

Randy and Sheila said...

Thank you Mommajeane, I am so happy to hear from you. I hope your kids are settling in as well as the others have. You are a lovely woman with a wonderful family!