August 19, 2008- Mission accomplished!

I managed to clean the girls' room before they could destroy it again. I took pictures just to prove it. Lera is very happy about the new arrangement. She likes where we moved her bed. She is so cute when she goes running to get into bed. She has come so far since we brought her home. She always went to sleep easy, really too easily. She didn't protest, she didn't dawdle - just into bed and fall asleep. She seemed somewhat baffled by our insistance of hugging and kissing her goodnight. Flash ahead six months and bedtime is a whole different story. She bounds into bed, wriggles around under the covers waiting for us to notice the giggling lump, then she pops up and tucks Mishka in next to her and waits (usually giggling) for us to say the official goodnights. Now we must say goodnight to Mishka, kiss Mishka, rub Mishka's nose and then we can move on the Lera's goodnight. Hug Lera, kiss Lera, rub Lera's nose...she manages to drag out goodnights a good ten minutes now. She still falls asleep within minutes.

Caelia has changed in six months too. She has gone from sleeping with us, to going to sleep in her own bed without anyone snuggling with her until she goes to sleep. She started out sleeping with us because she would choke during the night and we would have to get her upright. We tried this with her in her crib but it took so long to negotiate to her bedside that I thought it made her choking so much worse. As she grew out of the choking, we never could convince her that the big girl bed was as comfy as Mama and Daddy's bed. When Lera arrived, Caelia seemed to want to stay with her friend. She now goes to sleep on her own. I miss her but I do like having the ability to turn over at night. Still, she occasionally requests one of us to snuggle with her until she falls asleep.And in the time that I typed this short post, the two little storms have swept a path through their rooms again...oh, well, I know what I will be doing while they are at school tomorrow.


schoolmother said...

It never ceases to amaze me how little time it takes to destroy the house and how long it takes to pick it up. I am excited to hear that your next adoption is coming along so well, too.

Christine said...

What a beautiful family you have. How old is your new little one you are adopting?

Randy and Sheila said...

Christine, the sweetie we are working to adopt is 19 months old - she's a Christmas baby - well almost - 12/23. Can I switch my link to your smiles and trials blog? I love reading it - I have a 12 year old too. :)

AZmomto8 said...

The room looks fantastic, Meghan, KAra, and Amanda's room is a mess, toys and clothes everywhere. Hurrican Meghan this time, looking for shoes.

Loved all the pictures, dancing videos. You have such a great time!

I can;t beleive it is almost time to go to Russia, wow.