End of the year...already? Part one

Yes, it is already approaching the end of this very busy year. From most recent to
September. Yes, I am neglecting my blog that much!

Masha had eye surgery today(bilateral strabismus repair). This will correct her crossed eyes and her superior oblique palsey (the thing that causes her to tip her head to the side because she sees things at a slant). This is a very necessary operation that we are hoping will help her balance and ability to walk and stop the changes to her face caused by continually tipping her head.

I am always nervous when it comes to surgery but Masha was a little trooper. She was all smiles this morning although she was up really early. We use Minneapolis Children's Hospital for the kids. They are wonderful with the kids(and pretty nice to nervous parents too). The only time she seemed a bit afraid was in the operating room, but she didn't cry because Mom and Dad were right there with her. About two hours later they brought my Masha-bug back looking like she had just been in a fight. Her little eyes were determinedly kept closed and she is still fussy even this evening but she is eating and playing after sleeping most of the day. I haven't gotten any pictures of her post surgery yet, she is not feeling much like posing right now.

We had a lovely Christmas and Christmas Eve. We had lots of relatives and friends over to our house on Christmas Eve and the kids eventually were convinced to go to bed so that Santa would come. They had a very happy Christmas.
This is Caelia's Dr Who sleep shirt that she has decided must be worn to Christmas dinner as well as bed.
Valeria got this outfit. The skirt she has been begging for since October and a faux spotted fur jacket. I guess you can take the girl out of Ukraine but you can't take the Ukraine out of the girl. She is our fashionista.
Masha scores a dollhouse of her very own!

We have been hoping to hear some news about our adoption but we are still waiting. Our dossier is ready to be registered and we are waiting to hear from the USCIS. Perhaps we will get a travel date in February. Our adoption would not be complete without tromping through lots of snow and ice and freezing our backsides off. Whatever. I don't care about the weather as long as I get to meet our newest daughter.

Facebook is evil. Well, actually it makes me lazy. I don't have to blog about stuff when Randy posts on Facebook. He always has the newest and greatest photos so I feel like I am parroting him at least a day behind when I do blog. This however is very rewarding. I get an evening of looking back on the wonderful year we have had, just in case I forget what a wonderful family we have.

School has been going very well for all of the kids. Michael is doing okay in school (mostly lack of motivation slowing him down) but is doing very well in his private lessons with his dad. They are both studying Russian. They are taunting me with their skills.
Caelia read her first complete book all on her own. Her teachers called to tell me. Her para told me they were all cheering and shed a few tears because of how far she has come. She is also copying her name. She can write some of the letters without looking but CAELIA is not the easiest name. I think her brand new glasses have helped a lot. She won't wear them at home but she wears them at school. Valeria is struggling with academics but has learned to ride a bicycle with training wheels! I think she is excelling in her adaptive phy-ed because she LOVES Mr. Ricky. She is very social and a bit of the class clown. She is also a terrible flirt. She ignors visitors coming to the house UNLESS it is Ron's son Tyler. She comes running to see Ron's sons. An odd mixture of adoration and a desire to beat them up with a light saber. She is our little pink barbarian.

And finally, Masha. Masha can now recognize her name when she sees it. She sorts her colors and shapes most of the time and she is almost completely potty trained. We are going to switch to big girl underwear when she has recovered from her operation. She does have some issues with her hips. Her orthopedist thinks she may be dislocating her hips but regular x-rays show them where they should be even though her hips are shaped uniquely.

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Leah S. said...

Very cool to see an update!!!! I think Asher has much the same vision issues going on that Masha has. (see my most recent update on him.) All three kids are going to the U eye clinic in two weeks. Great to see pics of everyone. Michael and Masha's hair has gotten so long and beautiful! ;-)