Back to school!

Caelia and Valeria were less than excited. They were happier once they saw their Miss Camilla. All summer I heard about KWI. They really love her. She is the girls' favorite para. We are very blessed by all of the staff at Fraser Academy. Everyone on staff is amazing and they adore the girls.

The pictures were not taken on the same day because the big girls started back August 1st. Masha went back on the 31st and finally, today, Michael went back to school. Sorry, no pictures of the boy. Masha is smilier in the morning anyway.
She was delighted to be going back to school. She really missed her friends from school.


Leah S. said...

Oh my gosh! Masha has grown up A LOT since I've seen her! And look at the big girls! WOW!

Bree said...

Hi, I am glad that your start of the school year has been going well.
Any news on Angelina? I am praying for her!!

In Christ,
Miss Brianna

loveswedding said...

Lovely little girl ah, this is the most I've seen lovely child! I will continue to focus on your blog!