March 13, 2008 - Embassy

My biggest concern with coming into this day was that the computers that communicate from the US Embassy in Kiev to Washington D.C. would be down. It happens some time. We had adjusted our flights home to allow an extra day for this eventuality but Ukrainian Mardi Gras had eliminated this cushion.

Still, with much optimism, we arrived at the Embassy bright and early. We went directly to the front of a very big line (perks of being a citizen) and into the Embassy. The nice woman behind the glass (there is bullet proof glass everywhere) took our papers, told us we needed to go get a picture of Lera for her visa and her medicals and said that they would try to get her visa today but that the computers were down.

The picture was done right next door and dropped off and away we went to get her medical exam. The building that exams are done is pretty much like the rest of Ukraine government style buildings. They all are dreary, utilitarian and have huge lines of people waiting. Our driver went into an office and then we were ushered into a doctor's exam room. The exam was really quick. He set 3 plastic figures in front of Lera and had her name them - Cow, Dog, Fish in Russian. The doctor and our driver were very amused when Lera called a Fish - FIIIISSHH. She really likes to imitate new words. He looked over her medical records from the orphanage, filled out some papers and gave me a copy of her immunizations. I really am thankful for the staff at Lera's orphanage. They kept really good records.

The actual exam only took about 15 minutes, then he signed a paper, put a stamp on it and we left. No blood work, no xrays.

Then it was back to the Embassy. The man that called us this time was the same one that Randy and I had met on our first trip. His name is Mike and he is really a doll. He told me that he had never seen anyone get back so quickly from medicals. It tends to be quite the zoo.

I swore an oath, signed some papers and asked how long until we would have her visa. He handed it to me and said Now. I really love the US Embassy. If it weren't for the glass, I could have hugged this man! We were on our way home!


WheresMyAngels said...

Great news!! I love she knew her words and learning English already too! Have a safe trip home!

Wendy said...

We had the same guy at the US Embassy..... He was a breath of fresh air! He was very caring and helpful(that is when they were having passport issues)!

By the time we got to this portion of our journey it was so reassuring and a relief to be there, it almost felt like home! We were able to read the signs, understand people and get our business done in a way we are more familiar with(now appreciate)and once took for granted.