February 7th, 2008

No orphanage visit today, Sheila is under the weather and I feel something coming on as well....time for some Zicam! We did venture out today briefly, we thought we had lost our translation book...I felt completely lost without it, luckily it was hiding in one of our bags. We tried a different resteraunt today...they had a 20 page menu...after spending about 20 minutes trying to decifer the first page, a smiling partron came over and asked in very good english if we needed help with the menu...minor crisis averted, sort of...the patron left and the server, thought we ordered two of everything! Somehow she understood and we didn't get charged for both meals. I felt bad and tried to tip her...they don't seem to get the concept, but I just said Spasiba(thank you) and walked out...she was gonna take the tip whether she wanted it or not!!

Let's talk coffee today...some of you know my love for all things Caribou(or Starbucks in a pinch) there is nothing like that here(there were some coffee shops in Kiev) so I have been content with the very strong coffee they serve us at the hotel everyday...It's actually grown on me...the problem is the size...I'm going to have to stop ordering the larges! Sheila must be ordering right, because her cup of tea is always bigger than my coffee.

It's a good thing Sheila Brought sunblock!

We'll be back at the orphanage tomorrow and hope to get those photos we've been trying to get...it all depends on how sick we are....it's not the best place to spread germs and I would feel awful if we got the kids sick!!


Wendy said...

Good luck with that Randy.... My husband Robbie never could get the coffee thing right not matter how hard he tried. However I have better faith in you getting it since Robbie is challenged!

Donna had me bring her the individual coffee brew bags back with me when I returned for Macey becuase she could never get use to their coffee.

Hope you guys feel better and if it is any consulation they probably gave you the cold!! They gave Robbie and I a little stomach virus when we were there. But we are okay with that better them giving it to us then the other way around.


Anonymous said...

sheila & randy we hope you both are feeling better tomorrow. so you can visit. how is your overall trip going. take care, jody & gary

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeling better. Is that a wee cup of cofee.... My John would have to have about 100 of them sizes a day.

Charissa said...

That reminds me of when we went to McDonalds in Kiev. I ordered a small coffee and they gave it to me in a Dixie cup. I asked for cream and they didn't know what I was talking about. So I had to force myself to learn to drink my coffee black. Thanks for all the photos. I can't believe I just had a slight yearning to be back in Ukraine after seeing your photos. We'll always have fond memories of that place.