Feb 4, 2008

We had fun today with Lera, we spent about an hour with her playing with dolls, machinekas(cars), blocks and other assorted toys, she seems to be having fun with us, although she has her moments where she tears up a bit. She is really attached to her groupa, so I know she misses them. The caregivers brought us to the Musika room to watch Lera and her groupa dance, it was really cool and Lera loved it, she smiled ear to ear, I can't wait to get home and have some dance sessions in the living room with Lera and Caelia!! When Lera's groupa was done, they left us in the Musika room with Lera....not a happy girl!! She wanted her Groupa...not Momma and Poppa! Luckily I had taken some video of the festivities and showed it to her on the laptop, she really liked that! Then we asked her if she wanted to show her groupa, so she quickly led the way back to her groupa's room. They had all lined up and were set to begin another activity, when we walked in...I set the laptop on a chair infront of the groupa and mayhem ensued when I hit play!! they were like pirahna on a steak...it was a little scary to have 16 4-5 years olds screaming with glee in a language I don't understand...I had to pick up the laptop and gesture for them to sit...which sort of worked, they really enjoyed seeing their dance performance, I have no idea if they have ever seen anything like it, I have yet to see a computer in the place, nor a television, so this was very exciting to the little ones....good time ensued, I think Lera enjoyed Momma and Poppa being so popular, she feels a bit protective of my laptop...only she is allowed to push buttons(which she does constantly) everyone else gets a firm shove and sharp "Nyet" from her. We got some kisses and a few waves Da svidanya from her today....It's gonna be really hard for her to leave her groupa, she loves them dearly, I have a feeling there will be many tears when we take her away, but soon she will be with us at home with Michael and Caelia...two very worthy replacements for her groupa!! FYI....our Comcast emails are not working, we are receiving but cannot send if you need to get a hold of us, please leave a comment or email my work email: Randy.Green@target.com


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that everything is going so well. Love the flooring.... LOL! You are in our thoughts and prayers

schoolmother said...

I think it is great that you got to see her in action with her groupa and honestly it is good that she is so attached to her friends. I am happy for you.