School Pics 2014-2015

This year was Sara's first time getting school pics done, I would say it turned out pretty good and she is an absolute doll. She really likes kindergarten so far and started off going for just a couple hours. We extended it by another two hours to get her adjusted and in a month or two will be going a full day.

Masha is always our smiley girls and is getting so big its scary, I swear she grew several inches since last school year. She adores school and has a best friend in class named Fifi, we get to hear about her every day when she gets home. I can see a ton of progress for her in first grade and she is maturing so fast.

Our Lera is never without a smile either and this year she is showing off her super long hair. This is the first year of middle school for Lera and the first time not being in a class with Caelia. Mixed reactions so far on how that is going, Caelia tends to keep Lera in line at school. We have seen a bit more of "flirting" from Lera with the boys in class which usually means she is trying to hit them. What can I say, she is Ukrainian!

Our Caelia never quite wants to co-operate with the smiling but is a cutie either way. Here she is with her latest fashion statement her scarf, she has a pretty big collection and is rarely found without them. Although she misses having Lera in the same class she is doing very well in middle school and loves her teacher Ms. Amble and her friend Latrice.

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