Happy 6th Birthday!

It is almost Christmas here.  There is snow outside.  The Christmas tree has been decorated.  It is a time to be thankful for all of our blessings.  One of my favorite blessings turns six years old today...in Minnesota...in a home with a brother, sisters and parents who love her. 
She has changed so much since we first met our little Russian Princess in 2009!

She has become such a big girl. She is smart and so very sweet. She is also chatty and bossy. Mostly she is very loved.

We had a small piece of cake for her and Lera to eat today but her big cake is for tomorrow when all of our family will be here for Christmas Eve but today she was the center of attention and got her presents and Lera and Caelia even allowed her to choose the movie in honor of her special day.  She seems a bit confused still about the birthday thing, probably because of how close it is to the holiday.  Does anyone else have this problem?


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