Spring Fever

Yes, it is spring in Minnesota. Randy and I long for it. It has been a very long winter here. I've forgotten what number we are in the record books but let's just say it was one of the snowiest ones on record. We finally have a 70 degree day and then, well, it snowed last night. The snow doesn't stay but we are still wearing our winter coats. We still are not wearing sandals and today, gloves are required for being outside. I tell you this not so that you feel sorry for us but so that you understand the reality of our springtime. We are tired of playing in the cold and wet snow. Now, a new ottoman in the living room means a new sport for the kids. How many can fit and then STAY on the ottoman? Can you eat ice cream and not end up with brain freeze in 20 degree weather? Trips to the Mall of America just for some exercise -- yes, I let the girls run like crazy there. Yes, we are tired of winter and some of us more so than others! Our reality is not Caelia's reality and Lera and Masha are her willing subjects. So this is Caelia's "it's spring already - let's party!" dance. Maybe it will bring us some sunshine and warm weather. Maybe summer dresses and bubbles are just what we all need.

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